About Achiever Software

Achiever is a pioneer in developing Real Time technical analysis tutorial for stock market traders in India. Through our persistent innovation and smarter ways to provide unswerving Real Time technical analysis tutorial, we have been able to develop one of the most equipped and accurate trading tool for all platform: AmiBroker, MeatStock, MetaTrader, NinjaTrader.

Whether you are a first time investor or a seasoned pro, our proprietary trading systems can help you to take an intraday or long term position in the market. Our trading systems will provide you with the information you need for success in today's dynamic markets.

In order to consistently make money in the stock market, investors have to be right over 70% of the time. This success ratio is extremely difficult without the guidance of a successful, reliable and robust stock selection method or algorithm that has been tested and has worked over many years.

At Achiever we clearly understand that markets are dynamic and volatile and will continue to be so and analysis techniques including software must keep abreast with the current situation. Achiever keeps innovating and provides tools and techniques to keep you in sync with market dynamics. We continuously work on product improvements and upgrades and have a dedicated research team working on tomorrow’s technologies and techniques which are all aimed at making clients more successful in their trading decisions.

We insist on each and every customer being given quality time on training and believe that selling a product or service is just the beginning of our relationship.

We firmly believe that once a Achiever client is equipped with the right resources in terms of software and training, they have full potential of becoming highly successful, professional level traders or analysts who have the ability and vision to crisply analyze, sharply focus and meticulously execute trades to excellence for any asset class on any time frame.